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Best Of Panama 2017

Best of Panama 2017 has ended and we feel extremely happy about the overall results. Elida Estate got 8th in Geisha Natural, we didn't have the same success as last year but we are still positive for BOP Auction on July 18th in which we have 4 lots in.  On the other hand, having our head producer as President of SCAP, we are so pumped for the fact that new farmers like Finca Sophia, Santamaria or Lutrell competed for the first time and got 1st, 3rd and 5th respectively on the Geishas. Also, we are happy for those pioneers that kept showing consistency in their production like Hacienda La Esmeralda, and Kotowa Coffee. We now can consider Finca Nuguo a...

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Panama Barista Championship 2017

Since 2011 Panama have not hosted a Panama Barista Championship, but in several countries the champions and finalists are using Panamanian coffee, specially Geisha coffee in their performances.  In 2017 SCAP decided to resume the championship and we now have a champion that will represent Panama in Seoul, South Korea 2017 for WBC.  Cesar Eduardo Bermejo from Leto Brew Bar used a Geisha Washed and Geisha Natural from Finca Deborah to win. Alberto Bermudez from Cafe Unido got 2nd and Cesar Andres Bermejo (Cesar Eduardo's brother) got 3rd place. 

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Elida & El Burro Estate Success

In the latest years, since the specialty coffee movement started, Elida and El Burro Estate have being awarded in several occasions, and in different competitions. Best Of Panama: Both coffee estates are constantly awarded in the Best of Panama competitions for the last decade, and last year The Lamastus Family Estate (El Burro, Elida & Luito) got the Panama Cup 2015 which is awarded to the "Producer of the Year. Getting 7 out of 7 Coffees in B.O.P. Auction 2015.  This year Elida Green-Tip Geisha Washed received the highest score in the whole competition and it got a price of $275.50/lb in the B.O.P. Auction 2016, the second highest price in B.O.P. history (Hacienda La Esmeralda Jaramillo $375.75/lb). Barista and Brewers Competition:...

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