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World Brewers Cup 2019

After winning Panama Brewers 2018 celebrated in October by Specialty Coffee Events in Panama city, Wilford Lamastus Jr became the representative of Panama in the World Brewers cup. Wilford Jr in his first world competition reached the 10th overall place in the competition, missing finals by just a few spots. And, since this is the website for the coffee we will focus on Open service where he placed 5th overall using Elida Geisha Natural ASD. ASD stands for Anaerobic Slow Dry and the coffee was put in fermentation tanks for 120 hours with the pulp, and then placed on the drying beds with thick layer for a total time of five weeks.  The Geisha coffee used for brewers cup grew...

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Panama Barista Championship 2017

Since 2011 Panama have not hosted a Panama Barista Championship, but in several countries the champions and finalists are using Panamanian coffee, specially Geisha coffee in their performances.  In 2017 SCAP decided to resume the championship and we now have a champion that will represent Panama in Seoul, South Korea 2017 for WBC.  Cesar Eduardo Bermejo from Leto Brew Bar used a Geisha Washed and Geisha Natural from Finca Deborah to win. Alberto Bermudez from Cafe Unido got 2nd and Cesar Andres Bermejo (Cesar Eduardo's brother) got 3rd place. 

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