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Elida & El Burro Estate Success

In the latest years, since the specialty coffee movement started, Elida and El Burro Estate have being awarded in several occasions, and in different competitions. Best Of Panama: Both coffee estates are constantly awarded in the Best of Panama competitions for the last decade, and last year The Lamastus Family Estate (El Burro, Elida & Luito) got the Panama Cup 2015 which is awarded to the "Producer of the Year. Getting 7 out of 7 Coffees in B.O.P. Auction 2015.  This year Elida Green-Tip Geisha Washed received the highest score in the whole competition and it got a price of $275.50/lb in the B.O.P. Auction 2016, the second highest price in B.O.P. history (Hacienda La Esmeralda Jaramillo $375.75/lb). Barista and Brewers Competition:...

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