Tour "La Torre"
Tour "La Torre"
Tour "La Torre"
Tour "La Torre"
Tour "La Torre"

Tour "La Torre"

$ 75.00

Hop aboard for a scenic drive around Elida Estates at more than 1900masl, where nature unfolds in all its glory. Ever tasted tree tomatoes? They're an insignia tree here, and trust me, the taste is way better than the name suggests.

During our drive, we'll hit different spots to check out the distinct character of our coffee lots. Each one has its own story, and we'll spill the beans on what makes them special. It's not just a tour; it's cruising through Elida's diverse landscapes and flavors.

Walk around the coffee plantation and explore the meticulous processes at the mill. At Elida, quality is our obsession, and you'll witness the details into every step, making our coffee truly exceptional.

Wrap up your adventure with a special coffee tasting. Use what you've learned to notice the different details and enjoy the many flavors our experts have mastered. It's not just a tour; it's a journey through the heart of Elida's amazing coffee.

What does it includes:

  • Welcome drink
  • Walking around the coffee mill 
  • Driving around the coffee farm
  • Stopping at different spots around the coffee farm like the most famous lots
  • Tasting and picking tree tomato fruit
  • Learning the process of coffee from picking to drinking
  • Coffee cupping including 3 Catuais 2 Geishas and 1 cascara tea
  • Tour time: 2.5hours aprox

Please wear comfortable shoes! 

Duration: 2.5 hours approx.

+507 720-2314 / +507 6156-8653