Alto Quiel  Boquete

  Watch from close the coffee trees and if you're lucky, pick some cherries! 
       Learn about the processes we use for drying the beans. 
Get immersed into our "Reposo" rooms and smell the pulp of the coffee. 
       End your tour the best way with a cupping of our coffees.
Get to walk inside the plantation and smell the aroma of the coffee flowers of the first lot on Elida Estate. At 1,700masl you will get a panoramic idea of what Elida Estate has to offer. Followed by a tour of the mill and ending with a cupping session at our Coffee Shop. 
Duration: 2.5 hours approx.


Alto Quiel - Boquete

Lot "La Torre", where the first Geisha Tree was planted in the year 2006.


Views from the High Elevations of Elida Estate. 

On your way up, get to taste the famous Tree Tomato.
If we are on harvest season you will get a view of our hand pickers choosing

the best cherries of coffee in the world.    


Add something special to your experience and book an appointment with the producer of the farm, Wilford Lamastus. Share the table with him at the main cupping lab. at Elida Estate. You will cup the most amazing coffee beans accompanied by the Producer who won the Panama Cup 2018 and broke the Geisha Scoring Record.

And if his son is around you would enjoy some taste of Wilford Lamastus Jr. brewing.   
In this tour, you will have a COMPLETE trip through the High Elevations of Elida Estate (by car). From the beginning till the end. Start with a taste of our tree tomatoes at Lot "EL AGUACATE" and surround yourself with the beautiful views of our plantations at the Lot "LA TORRE".  On your way back choose either to cup with the producer in his cupping lab or with your tour guide at the cupping room located in the Coffee Shop.
Tour La Torre  + Regular Cupping - $75/person
Tour La Torre + Meet the Producer Cupping - $130/person
If you choose the tour that includes meeting the producer, there will be a flat fee of $100 if the group consists on 2+ people. This is after the price for Tour La Torre ($75/person)
Duration: 4 hours approx. 
The maximum capacity for each group is 4 people.
**All tours are subject to availability. 




If you are traveling to Panama City but for some reason, you can't make it to Boquete, no worries, we've got your back! At Bajareque Coffee House you will have a preview of what it is to taste the best coffee beans in the world. 
Book now a cupping of our different Estates. You will cup what we currently have on the menu from Elida, El Burro or Luito Estate. By cupping different samples of different processes you will learn about the several tasting notes that each process develops on the fruit. 
Duration: 1 hour approx.
$25 p/p.
**All tours are subject to availability.