Elida Estate turns 100

Elida Estate is the main farm for the Lamastus Family Estates group and was founded in 1918 by Robert Louis Lamastus, a military man from Kentucky, US that eradicated in Boquete after his service in the Panama Canal Zone and Coiba. He married a local by the name of Elida Saldaña and they had five kids. After his death, in 1934, Robert left the coffee farm to his wife Elida and the five kids, and Elida was able to keep up the coffee farm successfully while sending her five kids to school and college in the US. 

After coming back from college Thatcher, the fourth of of the five siblings, came to work in coffee farm and dedicated his life to work on several jobs in the coffee industry. Thatcher is an emblematic figure in the town of Boquete in terms of coffee, and now his son Wilford is managing the coffee industry and the company Lamastus Family Estates that have three coffee farms that belonged to the Lamastus-Boutet brothers.

Wilford got to celebrate 100 years this year and took advantage of doing the celebration while Best of Panama, because that way more coffee professionals could attend. The party had foud, music, drinks, and lots and lots of good coffee brewed by pros. World Champion Tetsu Kasuya and Colombian Champion Sebastian Villamizar. 

It was a beautiful celebration with colleagues, friends, and family and the best part is that they after the Lamastus family found out that not one, but bot Elida Geishas got first place, including Elida Geisha Washed with a record 94.66